Laundry & Cleaning

Prim "N" Proper cleaning and laundry services.

Get your clothes cleaned with best equipment

We use products that are gentle & friendly

Be sure your clothes will get right treatment

Get your house cleaned by professionals

We Clean Everything In your Home

We ensure good care for your clothes, clean environment and keep pest and rodents at bare… We work while you relax to have a nice time with family

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

We provide superior quality laundry and dry cleaning services to our ever growing clients. You can trust us to keep your clothes looking new and fresh.

Home & Office Cleaning

Prim 'n' Proper Fittings offers the best home and office cleaning services to keep your house, office and environment clean, well kept and free your time.

Fumigation Service

We offer fumigation services to get rid of pests and rodents your environment and home so you don't have to worrying about nuisances around you

Want to get your House, Office or Clothes Cleaned?

Prim ‘n’ Proper Fittings believes that your free time is not meant for housework. We offer the best cleaning and laundry services in Ibadan. Our Laundry, Cleaning and Fumigation services are lightening quick, from the moment your package is received to when we deliver there is no time lag. Our Laundry service is powered using the latest technology in washing and dry cleaning. If you have any special requirement like stain removal, alteration, silk & suede or leather material, kindly leave more information on Special Instruction box during online booking.

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How We Operate

Laundry without hassles! Let us handle your laundry and dry cleaning without stress on you, We collect the package free of charge.

Your Order

Book a package today and your clothes will be picked up same day & prepared for washing.

We Collect

Our pickup & delivery team is quick to come to your location: home or office to pick up your clothes.

We Clean

We take your clothes through the laundry process of sorting, tagging, washing and ironing

We Deliver

Our delivery is fast and always within 48 hours of picking up your clothes package.

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